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illustrator and furry artist based in idaho


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name badge commissions

Status: open for Denfur pick up only!
🌿$90 USD
🌿A YCH badge of your character with a "hello my name is" badge! Perfect for wearing to conventions and meet ups!
🌿most animal/furry species applicable
🌿pronouns are optional!
🌿badge measures around 8 inches tall. Printed on premium photo paper and laminated for long-lasting, durable protection.
🌿the digital, full resolution file of the commission will be sent to the commissioner upon completion and approval.

Terms of Service

🌿Payment Information
I accept payment through PayPal!
I only start your commission after I get the payment.
Please pay within 2 days/48 hours of the invoice being sent or else I will cancel the commission. Commission holds/reservations may be available, but please ask first.
The money I accept must be in the United States Dollar, or USD (PayPal can automatically convert it for you if you use another form of currency).
🌿What I can draw:
most animals
anthropomorphic animals
original/mythical species
characters from movies/cartoons (as long as they fit these other parameters and have a good reference)
🌿What I will not draw:
humans or humanoid characters
robotic/mechanical characters or things
inappropriate or ideologically sensitive art (including sexual art and/or nudity)
✮If any characters I am asked to draw do not meet these terms, I have the right to turn down or cancel any kind of commission that includes them. If you want to know if your character does or doesn't meet these terms before you order a commission, feel free to ask!
✮My commission prices are subject to change, depending on the situation and the terms (only when they're closed, not while you're commissioning me, just to be clear).
✮I have the right to decline any commission as I see fit.
Commissions can be cancelled and a full refund will be issued ONLY if the commission either hasn't been started or is in the beginning sketching stages. If the commission is partially completed/worked on, a partial refund can be negotiated. Refunds are not allowed if the commission has been completed. If you are unhappy with your commission at any stage of the process, please let me know and I will try to improve or change it to your liking.
🌿You can not, under any circumstances:
-claim my art and/or my characters as yours in any way
-trace or copy my art in any way
-reference or heavily reference my art in any way
-repost my art without credit and/or without specific permission from me
-repost my art of someone else's character, claiming that the character is yours (even with credit to my art!)
-claim any of my own characters as your own